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Avatar since: 26/01/2008

United States - CA
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No Longer Taking Requests
Relationship Status: Divorced
Looking For: Friendship

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Rules for requests posted on the bottom of my homepage for when I begin accepting again in the future. Please follow me on twitter or facebook using the link below to remain updated.




[GB] Tabby Cat Avatar[GB[ Mau Cat Avatar[GB] Derivable Cat Avy[GB] Inquisition Sneaker[GB] Inquisition Outfit[GB] Jack & Sally Outfit
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あ Knit Wear } Noir~sexi~Ellen Sweater[CC] Striped Tank Gray#Plaz# Cosmox Black*VN™ Pandora Tall
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**Name: Angel
**Blood Type: A+
**Nicks: Gamer, GB, Lady GaBa
**Xbox G-Tag: LtBabyCakes
**Time Zone: California, PST
**Hobbies: Video Games (playing and creating), IMVU Developing, Creating Videos (Monster Whores Productions)


**Tier Level: 7
**Style: Avant Garde, Fashion Couture, Cosplay, Celebrity
**Inspirations: Lady GaGa, Alexander McQueen, Avant Garde, Anime, Music Videos, Video Games, 80s Cartoons
**Average Price Ranges: 550crs - 999crs
**Derivables: Accessories, Hair, Heads, Clothing, Shoes, Furniture
**Refund Policy: No refunds will be issued by me! There is a "Try It On" Button for a reason!
**Requests: Currently Accepting Requests
**Request Policy: You must cover my submission fees on all requests. You must provide at least one decent back and front view of any item requested. You may choose to model your item requested, however I do not announce "Requested By So-And-So" unless specifically asked to do so. Whether or not additional fees are required, you will NOT pay me a single credit until I ask you to send it to me AFTER you have approved the completed item in the client. I work very hard on all of my items, so especially if I make you something custom, it is only appropriate that you leave a positive review once purchasing it. So don't be rude!

I would like to think that I am a nice person, so please never hesitate to message me. I am always open to suggestions, constructive criticism, feedback, questions of any nature (IMVU related), and I definitely want to hear from you if you are having an issue with one of my catalog items. Please message me privately about any issues you may be having BEFORE leaving a bad review and I will be more than happy to fix the problem for you. However, please make absolutely sure that you have read all of the information listed on the catalog's description page before messaging me... you may have missed your answer there already! I will not be accepting requests for custom tiny avatars anymore, so don't ask!


Beggars: Will Be Turned Away
Thieves: Will Be Reported
Haters: Will Be Laughed At
Fans: Will Be Adored & Appreciated Forever
Friends: Will Be Accepted With Open Arms No Matter Sex/Race/Religion/Sexuality/Age
Naggers: Will Be Removed From My List (If you bug me too much, I will NOT make your request!!!)

I do very much enjoy spreading the love and gifting my friends and fans occasionally, but I'm seriouslly tired of all the beggars! You want to know what I look for when sending random gifts? My Badges, My Homepage Banners, Multiple GB Items In Wishlist, Consistantly Repeat Customers, Positive Product Reviews, and of course anyone who sends me a gift will be tagged back in a heartbeat! If you beg you get nothing! As far as birthdays are concerned, again I only gift people who have my badge(s) and/or banner(s) up. Any questions, comments, or concerns please leave me a message on my homepage. Take care all!
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