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I am no longer keeping this account up-to-date. --Rae aka. Konstantine
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This page will no longer be kept up-to-date.
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If you wish to be my friend, you must message me or catch me when I'm on. I do not just accept random requests.
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As her blood runs over his lips, he holds her life in his hands. She feels the fangs sink ever deeper and she shivers under his fangs as he drinks more and more until he has had his fill. Once he finishes at her neck, their lips meet and she now tastes her warm blood in her throat as they become one. Her eyes close and she falls under his spell...
I would ask kindly that if you took the time to find my page, you leave a message. Comment on my page, my music, myself, anything honestly. Just leave a message please.
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I do not add people that just send me requests. If you are on my list, I like talking to you. I value friendship over almost everything. I do not play favorites unless of course I have known you for a very long time or have a special connection with you. If you aren't in my top 12, do not fret.
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I get alot of gifts from my blessed friends, but you may as well always have a list just in case.
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This is just the interests panel. If you really want to get to know me, read my "About Me".
rock, love, anime, Friends, myspace, furry, witch, Art, Movies, music, wow, Vampires, blood, girls, manga, animals, yaoi, Phone, guys, poetry, Computers, ipod, photography, wicca, Foxes
I think this section is somewhat useless but I will use it for better things in the future, such as, more pictures.
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